Our Wo-Manifesto
The Vagina-Mind Spirit Connection

Hi, nice to meet you. We are Rythm, a clean sexual wellness marketplace that syncs sex, cycle, and vaginal health, We call this the pleasure network.

Our mission is to strengthen your connection to the vagina and deepen intimate relationships.

Ever heard of the gut-brain connection? Well, we are all about the vagina-mind-spirit connection. We believe that the state of our vaginal health impact the state of our intimate relationships

Our commitment


Improve the connection with your body and/or partner through thoughtfully sourced & designed games, products and content.


Welcome more pleasure into your life and eliminate the symptoms that prohibit you from getting there, naturally.


We encourage inclusivity in the form of body types, gender preferences, disabilities, religion and accents.

You Deserve More Pleasure

As a BIPOC founder and someone who previously worked in the sexual wellness industry, I found myself experiencing consistent irritations and infections when it came to shopping for sexual wellness products. This is when I found out that ~98% of vaginal care products have atleast one toxic ingredient in them and the average OB GYN has less than 10 hours of sexual health training. Feeling alone and confused, I knew I had to do something about it. Enter Rythm, a marketplace for the curious spirit who wants to strengthen their connection with the vagina and deepen intimate relationships. We’re on a mission to help you find your Rythm.

- Alysha Malik, Founder and CEO 

The Rythm Standard

Learn more about our quality standards, our values, and the off-beat ingredients list here.