In Tune Couples Card Game
In Tune Couples Card Game
In Tune Couples Card Game
In Tune Couples Card Game


In Tune Couples Card Game

The Meeting of The Minds

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**SHIPS ON JUNE 1, 2023**
In Tune is a card game designed by therapists for couples. Developed by crowdsourcing questions from leading sex, marriage, and relationship therapists and coaches. We’ve brought together the best minds to deepen your most intimate relationship. Designed for two players, 18+ across all genders and sexual preferences. 

• Therapist Approved • Therapist Approved • Therapist Approved • Therapist Approved

  • 150 conversation prompts and action cards
  •  Perfect for date night or gift giving 
  • Designed for all couples and LGBTQ+ friendly  
  • Improve your quality time together

Designed for two spirits in an intimate relationship. 

This game is a conversation starter and comes with: 

  • 150 Cards including wildcards
  • 2 Pencils 
  • Notepad 
  • Stickers

Level 1: Tune In to your childhood while highlighting the humans who have shaped you to become who you are today. 

Level 2: Sync Up on beliefs, values and important conversation topics that might stand in the way of a better future together. 

Level 3: Rise Better into a modern day relationship by learning how to implement new behaviors and bring back that new relationship energy. 

Final Card: Bada Boom


Example questions include:
“If our relationship were a song, what song would it be and why?"
"If I were more____, you would be more___."
“Play a song that reminds you of your childhood. Go!”
“What are your absolute non-negotiable deal breakers?”
“What family traditions did you have growing up that you liked? What new traditions do you hope to create?”
“What did you dislike about your last romantic relationship?”
“If I were a color, what color would I be and why?”

“When do you feel the most attracted to me?”

Made from paper. Size: 5.5”W X 9”L

Feelings of desire, closeness and new relationship energy may arise. Proceed with caution.

  1. What type of relationship is this for? 
     This card game has been designed for all intimate relationships and sexual preferences over the age of 18+. 
  2. How was this card game developed? 
     In Tune was developed by crowdsourcing questions across leading Therapists and Coaches. It is used as a tool by many practitioners to align couples on their long term goals, rekindle desire and create space for the questions you wish you could ask. Get to know your partner like never before (without the Therapist in the room) and get in tune with one another. 
  3. How does the game work? 
     Made for two curious spirits. 
    Before beginning, set aside the Bada Boom (Final Card) for the end of the game. This game is designed to be played at your own pace. We recommend picking 15 cards per level before advancing to the next and leaving space in between the levels to see how your relationship has developed.