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Com Wand
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Com Wand

The Megaphone

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While it may look like a microphone, Com wand is bendable, squishy and has a curving handle for flexible exploration of your vulva and other body parts.

Color: Periwinkle 

• Medical Grade Silicone • Waterproof • Travel Friendly • Squishy

  • 5 intensity levels and 5 patterns
  • Medical-Grade Silicone
  • Waterproof
  • Travel friendly 
  • Magnetic USB Rechargeable
  • 3 year warranty

How To Use

Using Com

Please charge Com completely before using it.

Com has three buttons: one for power and patterns, one for increasing and decreasing intensity, and one for both.

  • To turn on and off, hold the power button down.
  • To cycle through patterns, press the power button.
  • You can alter the intensity of any pattern in two ways:
  • Hold down the Intensity button to modify the intensity gently.
  • To modify the intensity progressively, use the Intensity button.

After each use, always clean Com with soap and water or a water-based sex toy cleanser.

Charging Com 

The LED indicator is located on the plastic panel near the charging port. When the button is pressed while the battery is low, the LED will glow red. When completely charged, the LED may continue to flicker if connected to a USB hub with other devices.

Size: 10.5” L x 1.75” W x 3.5” D


Medical Grade Silicone.


  • Com should not be used with silicone-based lubricants.
  • Com should not be cleaned with materials containing petroleum or acetone.
  • Com should not be boiled, baked, or cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Do not insert anally; the base of the com is not flared sufficiently for anal use.


Can I use Com for anal stimulation? 
Designed for external clitoral stimulation, do not insert Com anally; the base of the com is not flared sufficiently for anal use.

What kind of lube can I use with Com? 

We recommend any water-based lube. We do not recommend using silicone-based lubricants with silicone toys, as they can have a negative reaction with each other.

Is there any latex in this product?

No, Com is made with medical-grade silicone making it a doctor-approved product with with 100% body-safe materials