Sex Kitten Pink Glass G Spotter. Product. Tool. Sex. Sold by Rythm.
Sex Kitten Pink Glass G Spotter. Lifestyle. Tool. Sex. Sold by Rythm.

Glass G Spotter

The Steady Hand

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Explore your body without the vibrations. Sex Kitten’s Glass G-Spotter dildo is the perfect tool for when using a vibrator feels too much, yet, you are looking to experience internal stimulation, pressure and connect more with your body. Poke around to discover your G-spot or P-spot. It’s an all time favorite by Intimacy & Empowerment Coaches.

Reduced Waste

  • Experience the joy of a glass dildo by warming it up in hot water or cooling it down in the freezer for various sensations
  • Can be used to stimulate the G-spot, A-spot and P-spot
  • Anal Safe


This product has been vetted by Rythm’s clinical board of advisors who are all certified medical experts, so that you can shop clean and play dirty.