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Fun Factory Volta

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Fun Factory Volta

The Flutter

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Energize with a flutter. Fun Factory tips flutter against the clitoris and labia with every rumble from its deep, powerful motor. The movement of Voltas dynamic tips amplify its vibration, boosting arousal, and heightening sensitivity, offering sensation & more than ever before. For extra fun, try Volta around labia or vaginal opening, on the nipples or on the penis.
• 6 Speeds & Patterns • Couple-Friendly

  • Body Safe, Rechargeable, Travel Lock, Waterproof
  • Ridiculously strong, rumbling vibration
  • Tapping tips heighten sensitivity and arousal
  • Made for the clit, and great for BJs, nipples, and more
  • Couples-friendly size that still packs power
  • Loop handle you can control, even when things get slippery
  • How To Use

  • Let the dynamic tips utter against the clit for incredibly powerful sensation.
  • Cover your hotspots in vibration! Place one tip against the clit and one against the vaginal opening.
  • Share the flutter. Place one tip on either side of the shaft and use the VOLTA as a stroker – awesome for BJs!