Wile Women's Stress. Product. Supplement. In The Mood. Sold by Rythm.
Wile Women's Stress fact panel. Supplement. In The Mood. Sold by Rythm.

Women's Stress

Fuel The Desire

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Stress and sex have a direct corealation on your levels of desire. For vulva-havers, desire starts in the mind and the more stressed you feel, the lower your desire for sex. Wile’s Stress Supplement has been formulated with all-natural botanicals and adaptogens such as Ashwagandha and Lemon Balm to take back control of your mood, mind and body. When taken consistently, this formula might help increase your capacity to cope with stress, and reduce mood swings or irritability. It’ll be like a whole new side of you came back to life in and outside of the bedroom. Bada boom!

Size: 60 capsules (1 month supply)


Female Founded

  • Formulated by a female naturopath to decrease the impact stress has on your body and sex life
  • Helps foster feelings of desire by decreasing your stress levels 
  • Helps soothe irritability and support mood swings
  • Helps move energy throughout the body and reduce inflammation
  • Helps calm the nervous system and improve cortisol levels for a sexier you 


This product has been vetted by Rythm’s clinical board of advisors who are all certified medical experts, so that you can shop clean and play dirty.