Moonlight Bundle
Rythm Moonlight Bundle. House of Wise Sleep Gummies. Product. Sold by Rythm.
Rythm Moonlight Bundle. Maude Burn No.3 Candle. Product. Sold by Rythm.
Rythm Moonlight Bundle. Lifestyle. Sold by Rythm.

Moonlight Bundle

Feel Dreamy

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Transform your night routine with Rythm’s Moonlight Kit. This kit has been designed to calm your nervous system, and relax your mind and body to enter a dreamier you. It also makes the perfect gift!

Warning: This kit may result in feelings of calmness, intimacy and increased desire.


Certified Organic

Burn No 3, Maude: Hand poured, vegan and 100% cotton lead-free wick. This skin-softening jojoba oil, sandalwood and eucalyptus scented massage candle is the secret invitation to touch.

Sleep Gummies, House of Wise: The best selling sleep gummies in the market. A daily dose of botanicals and melatonin to promote better sleep for a better you.

Reusable Rythm branded canvas bag for travel or to keep your shoes in.

Rythm branded door-hanger to schedule some intimate time.


This product has been vetted by Rythm’s clinical board of advisors who are all certified medical experts, so that you can shop clean and play dirty.