Wile Hot Flash. Product. Supplement. In The Mood. Sold by Rythm.
Wile Hot Flash fact panel. Supplement. In The Mood. Sold by Rythm.

Hot Flash

Cool It All Down

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Tackle peri-menopause and post-menopauses toughest symptoms – hot flashes and night sweats. This supplement is backed by botanicals and 100% plant-based ingredients that may help improve your sleep, sex life and overall mood. By managing the heat, you help manage how you show up in this world and connect with others. The new you awaits.

Size: 60 Capsules (1 month supply)


Female Founded

  • Doctor-Approved 
  • Targeted Relief for Hot Flash and Night Sweats*
  • Reduce the frequency, length and intensity of hot flashes*
  • Helps support your sleep quality*
  • Formulated by a female naturopath to decrease the impact hot flashes have on your body and sex life
  • Gluten Free and Vegan 


This product has been vetted by Rythm’s clinical board of advisors who are all certified medical experts, so that you can shop clean and play dirty.