40+ Period Support
40+ Period Support
40+ Period Support


40+ Period Support

Cramp Relief

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Period changing after 40? This relieves cramps and discomfort, helps erratic flow and reduces PMS that often ramps up midlife.

30 day supply. 

    • Results in 1-3 Months • Clinically-Backed • Vegan • Naturopathic Formulated • No Artificial Ingredients

    Suddenly spotting? Skipping? Heavy? 40+ Period Support can help as your hormones naturally start to shift:

    • Natural period regulation
    • Reduce newly intense PMS symptoms
    • 100% plant-derived

    How To Use

    As a dietary supplement, take two (2) capsules daily or as recommended by a healthcare professional.

    • Boost the benefits by taking with 40+ Hormonal Wellness
    • Safe to take long-term
    • All Wile supplements can be used together to personalize your regimen


    • Dong quai root extract — 315mg
    • Fennel seed — 300mg
    • Chaste tree fruit extract — 200mg
    • Cramp bark — 200mg
    • Licorice root — 200mg

    DONG QUAI: “Female ginseng” is a go-to in Traditional Chinese Medicine for all things PMS: mood, cramps, bloating and tender breasts.

    FENNEL SEED: Shown in multiple studies to alleviate cramps as well as synthetic OTC pain relievers.

    CRAMP BARK: The name says it all, studies show it alleviates cramps, PMS and acts as an natural muscle relaxant.

    CHASTE TREE FRUIT: Helps your cycle, period pain, PMS & perimenopausal symptoms.

    LICORICE ROOT: Phytoestrogenic herb shown to help periods, cramps and perimenopausal symptoms.



    Yes. Our formulas are made up of all-natural ingredients and can be used for daily support whether you are in perimenopause or not.

    While everyone is unique, expect some benefits within the first 30 days with improvements building at 60 to 90 days. Within 3 months, your body will be getting the full benefits, maintained with ongoing daily use. This is typical of natural supplement which have a progressive, cumulative way of working with the body.

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