Ever heard of the gut-brain connection and how powerful it is? Well, Rythm is on a mission to help women own their vagina-brain-spirit connection. Our spirit is our highest version of ourselves, it always takes the right road and lives life as its true authentic self without any regrets. Tune in to your vagina-mind-spirit connection and change how you show up in the world. 

Our evidence based 6 week program is designed to help women at all stages of life reconnect with their partners and their bodies through meditations, breath work, journaling, and cohort-based live therapy sessions. Each pod is capped at 10 women. 

This program has been designed by a PhD/Author S*x Therapist, a Marriage and Relationship Therapist and an Intimacy and Empowerment Tantra coach. 

What You Will Learn:

  • Improve Communication with your partner, with yourself and identify how to vocalize your s*xual needs and boundaries
  • Deep dive on psychos*xual education and all the different things that may be going on in your body that you might not have the terminology to explain 
  • Techniques to heighten your personal exploration and libido
  • Identify and ease the shame, trauma and oppressions from your past experiences

What You Will Leave With:

  • Better communication skills in identifying your emotions, sensations and how to best welcome spice into your life 
  • Increased intimacy with partner play
  • Deeper understanding of your vagina-mind-spirit journey and its roots 
  • Community and a sense of belonging
  • A toolkit to allow you to be more present in the bedroom and to deepen your partner connection 

This program is perfect for those who are ready to grow their spiritual self and own their personal play. 

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