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    We curate and verify products from the lens of the vagina to make sure they are efficacious, backed by science, and body safe.

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    We empower individuals to connect with their sexual wellbeing through access to expert-led articles, workshops, clinical studies, and nontoxic products.

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    We uplift founders, experts, and academics to move the needle forward for your enhanced sexual wellbeing through healthy conversations, and brand partnerships.

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Feel Your Rythm From The Inside Out

Cue the bass. Bring the Aunties.

As a South Asian Spirit, I know what it's like to not be in sync with the sexual side of your personality and the role it plays in culture and relationships.

My curiosity led me to work in the sexual wellness industry, where I got to try out dozens of products to discover that the majority of them have toxic ingredients, lack efficacy and cause vaginal irritations.

So, I started Rythm to be the trusted destination for nontoxic essentials that enhance your sexual wellbeing.

- Alysha Malik (She/Her), Founder and CEO 

The Rythm Standard

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